Christians in Architecture and Planning



CAP began as the Association of Christians in Planning and Architecture, which started as part of an initiative by Oliver Barclay of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) to provide support for graduates in their professional lives, and to encourage a higher profile of Christian input into professional discussions. ACPA grew out of a small writing group set up by Oliver in 1983 because he was concerned at the dearth of Christian thinking, let alone writing in this area. Since then we have done much thinking and writing, and have held conferences and seminars which have been very stimulating for those who attended.

Various events precipitated a new structure and a new existence as CAP - Christians in Architecture and Planning



To seek to glorify God:

By encouraging and helping all Christians engaged professionally in the practice or teaching of
Architecture, Urban Design, Land Use and Transportation Planning to examine
their profession and theories from a Christian standpoint.

By presenting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to those in these professions

By encouraging closer fellowship and deepening faith between Christians.

By ensuring a Christian voice on the Professional matters of the day.

By supporting those preparing to enter the Professions.


Publishing a newsletter three times per year.

Networking and prayer support through the Internet and other media

Organising seminars on topical and professional issues.

Running Planning and Architectural Theory Groups.

Organising visits.



Under the new constitution the committee consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and five other members. Each year two members of the committee will be elected to serve for three years.

Chair, John Phillips

Webmaster, Leslie Barker



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